2022 Vale Creek Sangiovese



The 2022 Sangiovese has fragrant aromas of red cherry and fresh fig.  It has a medium bodied palate with fragrant fruit and under tones of spice.  The tannins are fine with length and intensity. Pairs beautifully with any Mediterranean food, particularly meat and tomato based dishes.

These grapes were sourced from the Riverina.


Approx 7.8 Standard Drinks / 13.2% alc/vol


2022 Vale Creek Barbera



The 2022 Barbera has dense black currant aromas with a hint of crushed fennel seed. The palate is bright and luscious with subtle oak and chocolatey tannins. Pairs well with richer dishes or try it with your favourite Italian creation.

The grapes were sourced from Orange NSW.

Approx 8.0 standard drinks / 13.5% alc/vol


2021 Vale Creek Moscato



Popular Italian wine vinified from White Frontignac and Canada Muscat sourced from Trentham Cliffs in Southern NSW.  The fermentation was stopped midway through chilling, to create a low alcohol wine with retained sugars. Pale Green in colour the wine has incredible aromatics of passionfruit, musk and lychee. Served chilled with fruity desserts or simply as an aperitivo.

Approx 3.6 Standard Drinks / 6.0% alcohol

Produced with traditional fining.

Pinot grigio

2022 Vale Creek Pinot Grigio



The 2022 Pinot Grigio has herbaceous and fruity aromas which are combined with flavours or spiced pear and citrus peel.  The palate is bright and fresh with refreshing acidity and subtle texture.  Pairs beautifully with seafood, chicken dishes and spicy Asian food.

These grapes were sourced from Orange NSW.

Approx 7.2 Standard Drinks / 12.2% alc/vol

2021 Vale Creek Pinot Grigio



We follow the Italian tradition of harvesting the grapes a little earlier to create the crisp, mildly acidic style so vital to its rolé with food.  This exciting wine sourced from Padthaway Sth Australia exhibits herbaceous and fruity aromas of freshly cut pear and apple blossom.   The wine exhibits the measured acidity that integrates so well with food.  Seafood, chicken dishes or a spicy Asian dish make great food partners for this wine… or simply serve chilled with some dips and cheese on one of those hot summer evenings.

Approx 7.2 Standard Drinks / 12.2% ALC/VOL


2022 Vale Creek Vermentino



The 2022 Vermentino has aromas of fresh honeydew and lime zest with subtle floral notes.  The palate is bright with grapefruit, green apple and some savoury interest.  Serve chilled with poultry and especially seafood.

These grapes were sourced from Mudgee NSW.

Approx 12.2% ALC/VOL, 7.2 Standard Drinks



Cobbers Sparkling Chardonnay



This sparkling wine was made from Central Ranges Chardonnay grapes and underwent its secondary fermentation by the Charmat method.  From time to time the “Cobbers” (Vale Creek, Grass Parrot and Renzaglia Wines) come together to share their skills, energy and, as the name suggests, friendship to make a wine from high quality local grapes.  Please enjoy as you share this with friends and remember that great things can come from Collaboration and friendship.

11% Alc/Vol.  6.5 Standard Drinks


Vale Creek Rose Sangiovese



The 2023 Estate Grown Rose Sangiovese has wonderful floral and rose petal aroma which combine with dried raspberry flavour. The palate is bright, fresh and crisp.  Pairs well with salads, pasta and seafoods.

11.4% ALC/VOL